The Phabricator story

1 minute read
At Nulisec, we've been using Phabricator since the beginning. [Phabricator]( is a great tool. We use it mainly as our Git repository and our task management tool.  Everything worked great, except one small thing - a small greyed out lock in the address bar, saying Not Secure.

Last week we bought a new VPS to test out our deployment process using [Laravel Forge]( A great thing about Forge is that it takes literally 10 minutes to provision a server, create a site, and install an SSL certificate. And that's the reason why I decided spend the whole Saturday to reinstall Phabricator and migrate it to a Forge managed server.

So I backed everything up - all files, SQL dump, and Git repositories. Then, did a fresh install of [Ubuntu]( Server, and used Forge to do it's magic. And now comes the fun part - restoring Phabricator. I almost forgot how painful it was to install Phabricator the first time. I had to read through the documentation again, to create the git and phd users, give them the right permissions, configure SSHD and Phabricator daemons, create systemd scripts and much more. All of this needed to be done manually.

It took me almost 5 hours to set everything up, mainly because I got stuck when configuring the SSH daemon. I read the documentation 5 times, deleted everything, did it again...I just couldn't connect to git SSH and clone repositories. Then I found out, that firewall was blocking that port. Duh. It finally worked!

The result is that ... everything is the same as it was before. With one small exception - the lock is now green, and says Secured. And it was worth it, because personal information is the most valuable thing we have.